Post Mortem Report

Post Mortem reveals the causes of Fr. K.J’s death

The provisional report says that Fr. K.J’s death is due to shock and haemorrhage as a result of blunt injuries sustained to the chest. According to the report Fr. KJ sustained fracture of the 3’rd to 7th ribs on either side and lungs were partially collapsed and punctured corresponding to the fractured sides. Other injuries including a fissure fracture of the skull bone, nasal bone fracture on the right side of the nose, a punctured wound on the right side of the mouth and an inward fracture of the hyoid bone. Multiple contusions (Bruises) were present on the back of right and left side of the chest. The report also says that there were many contused abrasions present including inner aspect of left fore arm, outer aspect of right thigh and back of the left knee. There was evidence of lacerations on forehead, left eye, nose, right side of upper lip, inner aspect of lower lip and scalp.