It was terribly shocked to hear of the brutal murder of Rev. Fr. KJ. Thomas. When I entered St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary way back in 1978, he was senior to me by six years. I have since known him. He was a man of affable nature. He was truly a man of principles, sincere to the core, quite simple, transparent and strictly accountable. I feel extremely sad for this good priest, for the diocese of Ooty and of course, for my great Alma mater. We hope that there will be an impartial and proper enquiry held to bring to book the culprits who committed this dastardly act.


Dear Fr. K.J. as you were fondly called by the seminarians, May your soul rest in peace. This should not have happened to a dedicated and committed priest like you. You were a great teacher to hundreds of seminarians who have become priests today and are serving in various parts of India and world. You made the classes in Systematic Theology especially ‘Trinity’ very interesting. You were a voracious reader. Your simplicity, down to earth approach, humility has left an indelible mark in the lives of many.  May your tribe increase.

The brutal, heinous and callous act of the murder of the incredibly simple, exceptionally human and extremely committed, but soft-spoken priest Fr K J Thomas, the beloved Rector of St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary Bangalore, is indeed very shocking news. No doubt he was a jewel among the priests and his abrupt demise is an immense loss for the Seminary and for the Church of India. May he intercede for all the priests and Seminarians in heaven…!

Dear Fr. K.J,

You were a holy man

many say and cry

We will miss a Saint from

our midst henceforward

Please pray for us

when you meet your Master,

The Risen Lord.

May many follow the blazing trail of sanctity, humility and simplicity that you left behind…

Rest in Peace Dear Father!

It was shocking news for me. I can’t believe that he was killed. He was such a good person. This is shame for our community. How could they kill a priest who dedicated his whole life for the betterment of the humanity? I am also a candidate for priesthood. Whatever is the motive behind it, it is so bad. He lived what he preached. He led a life according to the teachings of Christ. He is a role model for me too. O, People, You killed a Fr. K.J Thomas, but a lot of Fr. K.J Thomas will born on earth to die for Jesus.  May the Soul Rest in Peace…….!

Our Holy Church missed a holy priest, the earth missed a wonderful human being.

My dear Rev.Fr.K.J.Thomas, you were one of my role models. Nobody can be so honest and humble and friendly. How much effort and hard work you had put into maintain and safeguard the seminary. As a priest of my own diocese, I was very proud of you. You were leading really a saintly life. I thought I would be meeting you again next year in January. I am really shattered. You were so concerned about others that you had open the door at 2.30 early mornings, but this time only to your murderers. Dear father pray for us from heaven. We will follow your foot steps to serve Jesus and diocese. Rector of a pontifical seminary is murdered in such a cruel manner is very painful. Dear father you have followed the foot steps of St. Peter the patron our seminary. He was murdered by the enemies from outside but you seem to from inside. You have shed blood for Christ on the Easter day. My your soul rest in peace.

Oh…My Dear Professor…don’t know what to say……but….u were and u are..everything to us…ur students………..sure heaven enjoy ur presence…really miss u..father….

Simplicity incarnate – that was Fr. K.J. Thomas. The day I entered the portals of St.Peter’s seminary, Bangalore, it was Fr. K.J. who carried my luggage to my room. During his homilies one could hear peals of laughter. When Bishop Bernard Moras announced to the students that, FR. K.J. was reappointed for another three years as the rector, the joyous claps of the students lasted for a few minutes. Fr. K.J. lives on. He can be killed, but his sprit, his simplicity, his inspirations will live on forever……..

Fr. K.J was an embodiment of charity and simplicity. He never sought any positions, for him the positions in the church were an opportunity for service. He gave himself fully to the service of the church and lead a very simple life. He leaves behind a legacy which was very unique.  He was down to earth, humble and for him priesthood was never a career but a life dedicated to service. Hope many would follow the path of this zealous priest.

The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see priest think of our lord Jesus Christ.

(St. John Marie Vianney)

Fr.KJ always poured out this love to his students, workers, friends and everyone that came into contact with him. His gentle smile and cheerful nature can never be forgotten. He always walked that extra mile to make every one appreciated. The guests that visited St.Peters have experienced his warm hospitality.

Fr.KJ was very simple, approachable and humble at heart. He was readily available to everyone round the clock. He had that inner wisdom which will come up with a solution for every problem. In the private meetings with the seminarians he talked less and listened more.

May the soul of Fr. KJ Thomas rest in peace. Fr. KJ, a great philosopher, theologian and a wonderful priest, a role model indeed for all seminarians and priests, a very simple and humble person, so humane, with a great sense of humour is no more with us, but is in our hearts and minds. Dear Father we miss you.

Fr. K.J. is my uncle and is he the best uncle anyone could ask for. His entire family loves him so much and we know he will pray for the souls of those who hurt him but I hope they also receive swift and true judgement.

I have never even considered that he would not be the priest to preside over my future wedding, future kids baptisms etc. I cannot believe he is gone. He is such a nice and great man. I cannot even fathom how anyone could think to hurt him.

RIP Thomachan Uncle.

You dedicated your life to God and it was ended so early because of some lost souls stupid greed. I also know you are in Heaven and praying for those people’s souls because that’s who you are. You will always be my favourite priest and I still can’t believe you won’t be presiding over my wedding, kids baptisms etc but I am guessing you were such a great devotee to God that he decided your life of servitude on Earth was enough and it was time you reaped your reward in Heaven. Thank you for everything you have taught me. I will miss talking to you. God bless you!

In his eyes I always saw good shepherd. Until his death only people associated with St.Peters or the diocese of Ooty or the institutions where he was a visiting professor knew about him. I sincerely feel that the whole world should know about this holy priest. His priestly ministry and holy life was crowned with the gift of martyrdom. I hope and pray that the culprits behind this most heinous crime should be booked. At the same time we should not loose our focus in advancing the cause of Fr.KJ so that one day he may be recognized for his holy life and martyrdom.

Though painful I know his beautiful life has been crowned by this sacrifice. He used to tell us his students, that what we have truly learned from the institute will be what will remain in us after ten years of leaving the institute. An excellent professor, committed priest and wonderful person. His humanness has always impressed me. He always had a very welcoming heart and a special closeness to the poor. Fr. K.J, intercede for us from now.

When I heard of the brutal murder of Very Rev. Fr. K. J. Thomas,

I said to the Lord: “Why O Lord, such a thing should happen to very

Rev. Fr. K. J. Thomas? Why did you allow your priest to be so violently

killed? Lord, Such a thing should not have happened to Very Rev. Fr K.J. Thomas?

I know very Rev. Fr. K. J. Thomas very personally. He was a

very good human person, an exemplary christian and a committed

priest. He was kind and compassionate, mild and soft spoken. He

was a loving and lovable person. He was known for his simplicity,

honesty, hard work and spirit of austerity. He has obliging nature.

He was a man of faith and prayer. He had a very good sense of

responsibility. He was always available and easily approachable.

Oh Resurrected soul your blood will purify the wicked and surely your forgiveness will change the wicked creatures who had murdered you without a human soul. Our hearts are heavy with pain and sad. Lord Jesus! You made your beloved victory over death and joined him in the company of Martyr. Comfort the dear and near and let the soul be blessed.