Musings of Fr. K.J. Thomas


“The medicine for the entire present problem is love. If it does not work increase the dose”.

“The most important thing is get the job done. Who takes the credit is not very important. One of the reasons for many of the conflicts is competition to take credits”.

“I generally don’t use any labels to my name. The more labels you attach to your name, the further you go away from the people. For a priest the most important label is”Father” and it encompasses everything”.

“Your actions speak louder than words. If your words do not relate to what you do, you loose credibility”.

“For a priest how you get the work done is more important than what you did”.

“Humour is an important means to catch the attention. Starting your sermon with a clean joke will catch their attention. When people recall the jokes they will remember the points you shared in the sermon”.

, “What we have truly learned from the institute will be what will remain in us after 10 years of leaving the institute”