Let us live only for Christ.

“Let us live only for Christ,”

Was your last Easter message for the year two thousand and thirteen.

That was the only focus of your life, dearest Thomachen.

To reach that goal, you sacrificed everything.

And the Risen Lord blessed you on that Easter Sunday,

Fulfilling your earnest desire, of seeing the Lord face to face.

You were attuned to the divine energy

Manifested to you, in your daily events.

Your passion for doing God’s Will,

Paved the path of humility and fortitude in your life.

The Word of God empowered you with strength and endurance,

And it was your compass and guide for life.

Love for the mother Church was in ablaze within you,

And you honoured her teachings and her traditions.

You imbibed her spirit through prayer and reflection.

And transmitted them to others in all its richness.

Obedience to authority was a sacred act for you.

With greater enthusiasm and zeal you formed your Seminarians,

You unfolded the mysteries of God in a simple manner, to grasp the essence.

The needs of the students were your priorities in life.

And you made everybody feel at home and ease with you there.

Selfless and genuine service was your way of exercising authority.

You fanned the love of God in to a flame of fire within you,

And let it burn for others day and night.

You bore joyful witness to your priest-hood.

Made everybody happy and cheerful through your humour.

You had a special love for all God’s children.

We praise and thank God the Almighty,

For the gift of you to us, and to the Church.

May you be a powerful intercessor for us in heaven,

May all the consecrated people strive during the year of Consecration,

To “live only for Christ.”

                       Jesus, Jesus, was the sweetest name for Fr. K.J.Thomas.

Saint Peter’s Seminary was your home, dearest Thomachen

Seminarians were close to your heart for the past twenty five years.

On that Easter Sunday, you prayed for your dear and near ones

And wished for Peace and Joy of the Risen Saviour.

To your friends you sent the promises of Easter by Helen Steiner Rice

“Because I live, you shall live also” (John 14:19)

We need these seven words above to help us to endure

The changing world around us that’s dark and insecure;

To help us view the present as a passing episode,

A troubled, brief encounter on life’s short and troubled road.

For the fact that life’s eternal because our Saviour died

And arose again at Easter after He was crucified

Makes this uncertain present, in a world of sin and strife,

          Nothing but a stepping stone

           to a new and better life!”

You were ready to meet the Risen Lord on that Glorious Easter Sunday.

A furnace of fire was burning in your heart for the Lord, your only master.

Service to the Seminary was the expression of that fire of love.

That made you respond to the slightest noise of the attackers on your beloved home.

You wore your white cassock, given to you, as a sign of your Priesthood

And marched forward to embrace Martyrdom.

A heavy strike on your head with an iron rod

And punches on your spotless face with their strong fists

Made your blood ooze out profusely from your head and mouth.

Yet you did not lose your faith in the Risen Lord.

They stamped on your chest and broke your ribs

That pierced your loving heart and lungs and made your breathing difficult.

In that brokenness, you uttered the sweet name of your divine master,  – Jesus, Jesus……

 The cry was loud and clear that reached the ears of all round there,

 Even the priest who resided at the next door.

You surrendered your last breath to Jesus your Loving Saviour.

That was your final proclamation of faith during the year of Faith.

That was the culmination of your thirty three years of Priestly offerings to God for your people!

They dragged your body to the tea room as a prophesy

You always wished to be with your brother priests, not with your possessions.

May every drop of your blood that mingled with water

And sprinkled on the courtyard of the Seminary intercede for peace in the Church.

May the Holy Spirit who put the sweet name of Jesus in your mouth

At the last hour of your agony, be glorified forever and ever.

May you enjoy the beatific vision of the Risen Lord forever and ever.